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Sleepless nights making you go banana Tea?

Want to beat insomnia, try a homemade cup of banana tea to so you can stop counting sheeps.

Gud Kheer

Indulgent, aromatic and truly a labor of love; our Gud Kheer is a unique and rich dessert that would happily grace any dinner table; no matter what the event.

OMG Chicken Karahi!

#Love! That's how we feel about our OMG Chicken Karahi! Nothing complicated, just simple and flavourful. Also, did we mention, easy to make.

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Eggs for breakie!

Love fried eggs, but not the calories? Try our oven baked eggs in a beef pepperoni cluster.

Minced Meat and Pea Curry

Desi Wedding Bells coming soon!

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Our Story - One connection at a time.

The only Jalebi you need.

Wishing you all a beautiful 2020 - Happy New Year

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