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Sleepless nights making you go banana Tea?

Want to beat insomnia, try a homemade cup of banana tea to so you can stop counting sheeps.

Gud Kheer

Indulgent, aromatic and truly a labor of love; our Gud Kheer is a unique and rich dessert that would happily grace any dinner table; no matter what the event.

DIY Make your own Topsoil at home.

I love to plant plants! And in my balcony on the 6th floor of an apartment building I have 10 plants ranging different sizes. While they all are special to me, and some more needy then others; it is t

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Kashmiri Chai

Truly a labour of love! We try to come up with recipes that are simple and easy to make, whilst they are still conversation starters!

OMG Chicken Karahi!

#Love! That's how we feel about our OMG Chicken Karahi! Nothing complicated, just simple and flavourful. Also, did we mention, easy to make.

Eggs for breakie!

Love fried eggs, but not the calories? Try our oven baked eggs in a beef pepperoni cluster.

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Minced Meat and Pea Curry

Desi Wedding Bells coming soon!

Our Story - One connection at a time.

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The only Jalebi you need.

Wishing you all a beautiful 2020 - Happy New Year